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Etesiane before tour.

Tour in France 1.

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Tour in France 2.

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Tour in France 3.

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Tour in France 4.

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CC Leuven.

Midis Minimes final.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra.

Lettres en voix | Missa Brevis | Etesiane | 2024-10.

Past events of 2024

Été Mosan opening.

With Nuovo Marco.

Midsummer Mozartiades.

Tango and choir.

Bach festival.

Mozart great mass.

Mozart great mass.

WDR Rundfunkchor.

Etesiane Orchestra.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra, Brussels.

Minimes Cantats, Brussels.

Past events of 2023

Etesiane orchestra in the Talk CEC.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra Children’s concerts.

Peter Eötvös Foundation mentee in the Budapest Music Center, Hungary.

Minimes Cantats, opening of the season concert.

First international Ferenc Fricsay Conducting Competition, Szeged, Hungary.

European Creative Academy, Annecy.

16-18 June / 5-8 July 2023.

Melomania Youth Orchestra.

First concert of the self-founded Etesian Orchestra during the Courants d’airs festival.

Student orchestra of the Conservatories of Brussels.

Peter Eötvös Foundation masterclass: conducting mentor.

Minimes cantat.

Past events of 2022

Nocturnes festival at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles.

Musical theater “BSO at Sea“.

I Cambristi orchestra day.

Assisting Gregory Vajda in contempory music program.

PICTOGAMMA with Styx ensemble in the Ars Musica contemporary music festival.

Bach/A. Webern: Ricercar a 6.

Choir of La Noucelle and Ataneres ensemble.

Masterclass with Peter Eötvös (Danubia Orchestra Óbuda) in Bupapest, Hungary.

Minimes cantat.

International Opera Conducting Competition at the Liège Opera (2nd edition).

Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie.

Presentation for the for the Midsummer Mozartiades.

Podium voor de Passie.

B-magic conference about Magic Lanterns.

Ligue Braille.

29 April — 1 May 2022.

Presentation evening for the Midsummer Mozartiades (June 2022).

Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg, Brussels.

I Cambristi orchestra.

Past events of 2021

Student Choir of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

29 November 2021 – 3 December 2021.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra.

Ars Musica Contemporary music festival.

First co-founded Co-orch project.

ETCetera production of Offenbach’s “L’île de Tulipatan”.

Gala concert with the Szolnok Symphony Orchestra.

20, 22, 24, 27 June, 3 July 2021.

Past events of 2020

Uccle Philharmonic Orchestre concert.

Ars Musica, contemporary music festival.

L’Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège.

Orchestra Cupiditas, Florence Italy.

Amadeus and Co production of Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito.

Uccle Philharmonic Orchestre concert.

I Cambristi orchestra in concert.

Uccle Philharmonic Orchestre concert.

Rossini: Le comte Ory”.

Brussels Madrigals Singers in concert.

Past events of 2019

The Arts EnChantés children’s choir.

I Cambristi chamber Orchestra.

Uccle Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra.

Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra.

I Cambristi orchestra.

I Cambristi orchestra.

Mozart: The abduction from the Seraglio.

Orchestre Philharmonique d’Uccle.

Brussels Madrigals Singers.

Copland: Appalachian Spring.

Concert with Catherine de Maufroy and Gäel Mercier.

Orchestre Philharmonique d’Uccle.

Past events of 2018

First concert of the Diplo Chor, choir of the German Embassy in Brussels.

Requiem of Mozart.

Requiem of Mozart.

First concert of the Enchanted Choir (Alisée Frippiat).

Duo concert with Géraldine Naus.

Duo concert with Koenraad Sterckx.

Duo concert with Géraldine Naus.

Malle, Belgium.

Medomak, Maine, USA.

Town Hall Uccle, Belgium.

Centre Culturel d’Uccle, Belgium.

Past events of 2017

Town Hall Uccle, Belgium.

Past events of 2016

Past events of 2015

Berlin, Germany.

Aberystwyth, Wales.

Berlin, Germany.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels.

Past events of 2014

Théâtre de Liège, Belgium.